This  looks pretty nice. Nice casting. Nice stones. Tempting. Very tempting. Always wondered if its ummmmm new then why they got to clean it???


Bwaaaaahahahaha eBay

Hi. I used to be a member of eBay but I quit because selling became too much of a pain and I was spending too much money. But then I realized that one may still shop on eBay as a guest. So now it means that I’d have to throw away my computer and cell phone and maybe move to Siberia in order not to spend money on eBay junk. I’ve made this blog to document anything of interest I find in there. The depths I mean. Of eBay. I’ll post a link

Danger Will Robinson (s pocket book)

when I do.

my interests include shiny stuffs, art glass, weird items, mechanical contraptions and shiny stuff. Tag along if you like!