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Huh. Ok sure that’s an interesting one.

I am operating on the guidelines of improving the situation for my fellow living creatures.

Currently the universe is fine the way it is. And anyway I don’t know enough about it to change anything. Like a kid looking at a nuclear reactor.

Whats at issue is the way living creatures deal with the universe. In this case human beings.

Human beings have been shafted by the laws of Nature and here’s how. In order for them to hoist themselves up out of the jungle muck, they had to develop a suite of mental attributes that become very toxic once a civilization is fully formed. Greed paranoia hatred suspicion ego and the others that are currently doing a number on our society where (and to some extent still are) vital to human success. Or else they wouldn’t exist. If it doesn’t work it doesn’t exist. Natures laws. Only successful things live to reproduce. The mental programming refined through thousands of years is about to stop working in a big way though. Humans currently exist in an artificial world of their own making. Ironically they are quite unsuited for it. The same mind and impulses that drive human ancestors to attack each other with spears a millennia ago now holds atomic weapons codes in memory. Thier social and technological world has changed and their mental programming has not.

The above is well known and has been expounded on by better writers then this fox.

We know the basic problem now of the current human condition.  Simply put: old mindset new technology. new weapons (gunpowder) new foods (sugar fats chemicals) new drugs (alcohol refined cocaine, synthetic stimulants) new social models (huge cities, global communications).

At first glance the solution seems apparent. Get rid of technology. Poof! All gone. Cars gone, airplanes gone, Internet gone, electricity gone. Humans go back to the dark ages but at least are not a danger to the planet Earth and the rest of the inhabitants. Obviously this is little better then what may happen anyway all on its own!

Perhaps one could simply remove the negatives from the human  mindset? No, then you are left with mindless lumps. they aren’t really negatives. They just act negative in certain conditions. Humans need a certain amount of greed, lust, aggressiveness ect

I feel that, given the extent of the power offered, I can advance a better solution. Create a new God.

but there already are plenty of Gods with detailed instructions on how human beings are to live, are there not? Yes there are. However currently none agree on very much. And many of the teachings and writings were actually made up by humans to suit their own desires at the time. This new God would operate on the following universal points:

The religion will not fracture into sects.

Heaven will be related to how you behave on Earth.

there is no such thing as a holy war.

God does not need your help to do anything

God desires you to love each other .

if you leave a mess on Earth you will live there in heaven.

use your brain to improve your conditions on Earth. Heaven will reflect that.

Animals will be your equals in heaven. Treat them well.

The new religion will be adopted by everyone instantly. (That’s the super power)